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Working Papers

Government Source and Labeling Effects on the Perception of Protest, with Daniel Arnon and Handi Li (invited to revise and resubmit at Comparative Political Studies)

Religious Institutions and Resistance to Repression: The Bishops Opposed to Argentina’s Dirty War

Identity, Incentives, and Religious Defense of Human Rights, with Gabrielle Esparza

Fixing the Past: The Effects of Repression and Transitional Justice on Trust in Argentina, with Jennifer Gandhi and Don Grasse

Protest in the Shadow of Repression and Extremist Violence

Works in Progress

Is Transitional Justice Blind? The Link between Culpability and Prosecution in Argentina’s Human Rights Trials, with Jennifer Gandhi and Don Grasse

The Catholic Church and Transitional Justice in Argentina

Framing Contentious Events at the U.S. Southern Border and Support for Migration, with Daniel Arnon

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