Violence on Many Sides: Framing Effects on Protest and Support for Repression, with Daniel Arnon. (forthcoming, British Journal of Political Science)

Working Papers

Political Competition and Authoritarian Repression: Evidence from Pinochet’s Chile

Religious Institutions and Resistance to Dictators: The Catholic Church in Argentina’s Dirty War

Protest in the Shadow of Repression and Extremist Violence

Service Provision and Social Control, with Patrick Pierson

Why No Justice for Past Repression? Militaries, Human Rights Organizations, and Post-Authoritarian States

The Politics of Nonviolent Mobilization 

Works in Progress

Fixing the Past: The Effects of Repression and Transitional Justice on Trust in Argentina, with Jennifer Gandhi and Don Grasse

Government Source and Labeling Effects on the Perception of Protest, with Daniel Arnon and Handi Li.

Electoral Violence and Voter Behavior: Evidence from Argentina’s 1973 Elections, with Patrick Pierson.