• Why No Justice for Past Repression? Militaries, Human Rights Organizations, and Post-Authoritarian States.  Journal of Conflict Resolution. 65(4):759-787. [link]
  • The Politics of Nonviolent Mobilization. Journal of Peace Research. Forthcoming. [link]

Working Papers

  • Political Competition and Authoritarian Repression: Evidence from Pinochet’s Chile (invited to revise and resubmit at World Politics)
  • The Effects of Armed Propaganda on Voting Behavior: Evidence from Argentina’s 1973 Elections, with Patrick Pierson (invited to revise and resubmit at Journal of Conflict Resolution)
  • Protest in the Shadow of Repression and Extremist Violence
  • Government Source and Labeling Effects on the Perception of Protest, with Daniel Arnon and Handi Li
  • Identity, Incentives, and Religious Defense of Human Rights, with Gabrielle Esparza

Works in Progress

  • Fixing the Past: The Effects of Repression and Transitional Justice on Trust in Argentina, with Jennifer Gandhi and Don Grasse
  • International Sports Events, Media Scrutiny, and Autocratic Repression: Evidence from the 1978 FIFA World Cup. with Adam Scharpf and Christian Gläßel.
  • Service Provision and Social Control, with Patrick Pierson